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Joshua Marie Wilkinson

 The Trapdoor :
 A Play in One Act


 issue three    winter '06 - '07 


Stephen Rodefer
Susan Tichy
Peter O'Leary
Susan Briante
Robert Kelly
Rob Halpern
P. Inman
Dale Smith
Anne Boyer
Andrea Zanzotto
Sandra Simonds
Yoko Tawada
Mel Nichols
David Need
Brian Henry
Tim Earley
Kent Johnson
Bethany Wright
Ken Rumble
randy prunty
David Baratier
Mark Dow
Franco Arminio
Daniel Borzutzky
Julian Semilian
Hoa Nguyen





poems (& etc.)




essays, etc


Poets of Taiwan
        Shin Yu Pai

map of Taiwan


photography by Lawrence Sykes

edited by

photography by Lawrence Sykes



Daniel Coudriet
Chang Fen-Ling
Susan Bernofsky
Linh Dinh
Wayne Chambliss
Sergey Levchin
Joseph Bienvenu
Andrea Lingenfelter
Melusine Lin
Steven Bradbury
Business People



Tony Tost

contributing editors
Brent Cunningham
Ken Rumble
Stacy Szymaszek
Chris Vitiello

editorial assistant
Eric Weinstein


Harry Crosby

Harry & Caresse Crosby

poems from
Chariot of the Sun  

Transit of Venus

DH Lawrence
on Crosby




 Normal Motor Automatism                                              (1896)
 Leon M. Solomons
 & Gertrude Stein

 Cultivated Motor Automatism

 Gertrude Stein
[ 3 ]

                             S e x 
  Allyssa Wolf
Allyssa Wolf







 Fascicle Chapbook [ 4 ] 
Vicente Huidobro 

   S k y  T r e m o r

 translated by Tony Frazer
Vicente Huidobro




David Rosenberg

 The Authentic Poet

 in the late 20th century

Berrigan, bpNichol
& Yasusada


Gertrude Stein

 Normal Motor Automatism                         (1896)
  Leon M. Solomons
  & Gertrude Stein

 Cultivated Motor Automatism
  Gertrude Stein

David Rosenberg


 O i l           


          Wayne Chambliss
          Sergey Levchin 
Alexei Parshchikov

Scientist by Shannon Gray
Tim Van Dyke

Butch Gets Schooled:
Conversations with
Jake Berry

 "The End of God Is Dead" for http://www.operavivente.org/
collective(s) writing

 Poetry Is Vertical
 transition magazine | issue 21, 1932 | ed. Eugene Jolas | Paris

 This Is The Motherfucking Remix
 Marcus Slease | Brian Howe | Lucifer Poetics Group | NC

Comite du Film Ethnographique






 Ken Chen   |   Nine Translations
                          from the Chinese


contributor notes

editor's note


Incarnation text (1)

Matthew Goulish

Matthew Goulish